Global Sevilla School

Our Vision 

Global Sevilla will become the leading K-12 International-standard School with an acknowledged reputation for excellence in character, teaching and learning

Our Mission

Nurturing Global Students with Character

Why Global Sevilla?

  • Our School designs, develops and delivers academic and character education for students as a whole through an innovative, creative and joyful teaching-learning process.
  • Our School supports students to find and develop their potential and talents and foster their academic and character development.
  • Our School exposes students to Global Mindset and Proficiency (Pluralism, Language Proficiency, Technology)
  • Our School provides students with International Standard of Education (Cambridge)
  • Our School guides students to be a Lifelong Learners and to achieve Self Transformation in their character: Mindfulness and Morality)
  • Our School guides students to nurture Noble Character through mindfulness practices.
  • Kota Jakarta Barat
  • Industri Pelatihan & Pendidikan
  • Alamat Perusahaan Jl. Kembangan Raya Blok JJ No.1, Puri Indah - Jakarta Barat

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